Duncan Troup

Region: Global
Global Product Champion
Phone: +47 480 54130

Archer provides a suite of tools designed specifically to visualize and measure the wellbore environment through the use of ground-breaking ultrasound imaging technology.

Our SPACE® imaging platform comprises a range of unique phased array ultrasonic transducers using advanced scanning techniques to produce both 2- and 3-dimensional images, along with precise dimensional measurements. The use of phased array technology means there are no moving parts, and the tools can operate in all completion and produced liquids.

Through Archer’s specially developed adaptive high-speed telemetry system, real-time imagery of the downhole environment is available at surface, allowing effective understanding and improved decision making.

The SPACE® family of tools consists of spatial imaging tools; an Azimuthal Viewer and a Forward Viewer, and a Thickness tool that measures ID and wall thickness.

SPACE Presentation animation (YouTube)

Typical applications for the SPACE® family of tools
Azimuthal Viewer Forward Viewer Thickness
ID evaluation
Caliper/Corrosion log
Wall thickness
Jewelry internal inspection
Sidetrack opening/ramp inspection
Collapsed tubing/casing
Obstructing fish
Internal pitting - detection
Orientation of control lines/clamps
ICD/Sand screens
Perforation evaluation
Applicable Case by case

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