Dag Terje Svendsen

Region: International
Account Director
Phone: +47 51 30 80 00

Scale is a serious oilfield challenge. It can cause restrictions in the rock matrix (formation damage), reducing the rate of hydrocarbon production; it can cause critical downhole components to malfunction, and of course it can restrict flow within the production tubing. It can also affect surface processing equipment.

TASK has been designed to remove and inhibit all types of scale safely, reliably and rapidly. Unlike acid or mechanical treatments, there is no risk of damage to well components. In addition, its HSE classification simplifies logistics and makes it easier to handle at the wellsite.

Wellsite handling and deployment is further simplified by TASK/Launcher. This purpose-built deployment system is used to inject and activate TASK at precise locations in the well, for example targeting downhole safety valves (DHSV’s), side pocket mandrels (SPM’s) or tubing hangers.

A typical treatment involves delivering TASK to the target zone where scale deposits are thought to exist using TASK/Launcher. TASK will then actively dissolve scale for as long as it is kept in place. Typical treatment times can last from 6 to 20 hours, although TASK/Launcher incorporates an agitation mechanism and if this is activated, dissolving is accelerated and the soak time will be dramatically reduced.

Link to TASK/Launcher animation: Click here

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