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Dag Terje Svendsen

Account Director
Phone: +47 51 30 80 00

Lawrence Barr

Global Director - Intervention, Remdiation and Solutions
Phone: +44 1224 767639

We have built a team of dedicated fishing specialists, highly trained and ready to tackle issues anywhere in the world.

Heavy-duty fishing tools are a key resource in the technology they employ, including the most powerful wireline jar in the world. Our fishing team specializes in using 2-7/8” heavy duty fishing tool strings run on the 5/16” heavy-duty braided wire. In addition to problem-solving work, the team continuously develops new tactical wireline techniques and technologies.

Key features & benefits

  • High impact jars and accelerators; >200,000lbs of force – more powerful than any other wireline tool string
  • Hydraulic jar; no need to adjust jar while in operation

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