Peter Kleinbichler

Wireline Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Phone: +47 51 30 86 07

During the last 30 years, Archer has built an enviable reputation as world-class wireline brand, earning the respect of our peers and the appreciation of our customers. We combine competency, pride and innovation to help our customers extend and enhance the integrity and performance of their wells.

We provide the complete range of wireline-deployed cased hole services, from basic slickline interventions, perforating and conventional production and reservoir logging, right through to complex mechanical interventions, wellbore imaging and advanced well integrity diagnostics.

We continually innovate on all levels to deliver exceptional customer benefits via technology, techniques and processes. Examples include category-defining technology brands such as the Point® system, the SPACE® series, TASK®, SmartDrift™, ComTrac®and VIVID™ that all play a vital role in helping our customers deliver better wells.