Archer takes great care and pride in the management of our customers’ drilling facilities. By listening to our customers’ needs, requirements and expectations and ensuring we achieve operational excellence, we work hard to meet or exceed customer established key performance indicators (KPIs), increase rig uptime, operational efficiency and above all else, ensure operational safety. 

To achieve this, our team of engineers’ provide the highest quality of work at the highest levels of efficiency and, when required, are multi-skilled – enabling a reduction in personnel-on-board (POB) and driving down operational costs. Recruiting, developing and retaining the best, we give our teams the right training and tools for the job and encourage them to use new technology, new techniques and new ideas to deliver safer, more efficient and altogether better wells.

Related Challenges


A large number of oil and gas assets are coming to the end of their designed life expectancy and need to be decommissioned safely, securely and cost effectively.

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