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Lars Harald Norheim

Director Business Development & Sales

Arild Helleren

Region Director, Asia Pacific
Phone: +60 12 304 3681

Arild Helleren

Region Director, Asia Pacific
Phone: +60 12 304 3681

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Area Manager Oiltools North America
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Lars Harald Norheim

Director Business Development & Sales

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Region Director, Europe & Africa
Phone: + 47 51 30 81 70

Jone Kartevold

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Cflex® technology enables high-performance multistage cementing. Qualified “gas tight” equivalent to ISO 14998 (formerly ISO 14310) and with a permanent lock system, Cflex® performs to the highest integrity standards.

Installing Cflex® at one or more casing joints gives operators flexibility, reliability and far greater confidence in cementing operations.

Despite advances in cement technology, annulus integrity is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry, both in terms of frequency and impact. The Cflex® cementing system improves annular seal integrity and overcomes the shortcomings of previous stage cementing technology.

  • Controlled, secure and selective access to casing annulus
  • Multistage cementing
  • Annulus cleanout
  • Fracturing
Size, in 7 - 16
Temperature rating, degF [degC] 40 - 302 [4-150]
Standard material Carbon steel
Elastomer material HNBR
Permanent lock pressure, psi 3,000
Max. flow gal/min 580`
Qualification Equivalent to ISO 14310 V0

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