We aim to ensure that a customer’s asset or facility is safe and fit-for-purpose. Our extensive oil and gas asset surveys give customers the big picture. We recommend measures, based on the survey results, to resolve any defects. We tailor the survey scope to our customers’ requirements and may include the following surveys:

Rig Condition Assessment (RCA)

To optimize maintenance programs and fiscal planning, detailed and accurate information about the condition of a vessel’s hardware and hull is vital. Our RCA service provides a comprehensive reliability assessment of a facility’s hardware and structure for asset integrity assurance and the development of shipyard work scopes. RCAs are carried out before a rig or vessel’s purchase; hire or reactivation; before shipyard upgrade projects and as part of statutory hull inspections.

Rig Hardware Assessment (RHA)

RHAs cover a variety of plant:

  • ​​Drilling Equipment
  • ​​Electrical Generation and Distribution Systems
  • ​​Cranes and Hoisting Systems
  • ​​Jacking Systems
  • ​​Main and Auxiliary Equipment
  • ​​Solids Control and Circulating Systems
  • ​​Surface and Subsea Well Control Equipment
  • ​​Marine and Safety Equipment

Hull Preservation Survey (HPS)

Our experienced steel and coating inspectors can establish and implement comprehensive and effective hull inspection programs that provide the following:

  • ​​Compartment Condition Assessment Reports
  • ​​Prioritization of Steel and Coating Repairs
  • ​​Accurate Steel Renewal Weight and Material Estimates
  • ​​Accurate Coating Area and Paint Specification Estimates
  • ​​Repair Procedure Recommendations

Class Surveys and UWILD

Archer has accreditation from statutory bodies to provide annual special periodic surveys (SPS) in conformance with the major classification societies for mobile offshore drilling units (MODU). Our class surveys and UWILD service include the development of work scopes, liaison with the relevant class authority and report generation. We provide multidisciplinary inspection personnel, including project managers, rope access technicians, divers and NDT personnel. We work hard to deliver our services with minimal disruption to our customers’ operations.

Regulatory and Statutory Surveys

We provide gap analysis for regulatory and statutory compliance before rig relocation.

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