Our inspection services enable predictive and preventive action to improve equipment and rig safety.

We offer periodic inspection services that assess equipment safety and manage risk. These inspections ensure that equipment and sub-systems are maintained to the required standards. Having confidence that equipment is safe and meets the regulatory requirements allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Our inspectors have spent many years maintaining equipment; they know where to look and what to look for beyond the obvious, identifying potential problems needing to be addressed before they become critical.

Dropped object prevention scheme (DROPS)

A DROPS is a systematic and planned approach to managing dropped object prevention programs. We implement programs in accordance with regulatory and customer requirements, DROPS society guidelines and Archer’s Falling Objects and Securing of Equipment procedure. The latter contains the following requirements for establishing and maintaining measures that prevent incidents:

  • ​​Securing loose equipment
  • ​​An inspection program for safety devices for loose equipment
  • ​​An inspection program for equipment aloft
  • ​​Follow-up procedures after equipment aloft has been subjected to abnormal loads
  • ​​Operational safety measures for areas exposed to falling objects
  • ​​Physical barriers against falling objects The scope includes a detailed dropped objects inspection that highlights and provides corrective actions for all potential dropped objects. It also provides solutions for secondary retention where required.

Lifting and Lifted Equipment

As part of our inspection service, we implement a lifting equipment inspection program in accordance with client and regional requirements, SI 2307:1998/Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), API recommended practices and specifications, class requirements, IADC recommendations and the required operator standards. Items for inspection include a wide variety of equipment:

  • ​​Lifting equipment, such as AR winches and hoists
  • ​​Lifted equipment, including baskets, containers, skips and lifting frames
  • ​​Mechanical handling equipment, crane and forklift pad eyes, loose lifting tackle such as slings, shackles and webbing
  • ​​Lifeboat and life raft davit and deployment systems
  • ​​Tubular handling equipment and related items
  • ​​Cantilever hold-downs and beams
  • ​​Derricks We recommend and work toward a thorough examination and recertification of all loose ancillary lifting equipment based on the requirements of customers’ and regulatory periodic inspections.

Rope Access

Customers need confidence in the integrity of every part of their assets, including difficult to reach areas. That is why we provide an efficient rope access inspection, repair and maintenance service that aims to minimize operational disruption.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

We appreciate the need to ensure asset integrity with minimal disruption to operations. Our NDT service can help you achieve this objective using the following methods:

  • ​​Magnetic partial inspection (MPI)
  • ​​Ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT)
  • ​​Eddy Current (EC) testing
  • ​​Dye penetrant inspection (DPI)
  • Pressure testing verification
  • ​​Infrared thermography (IRT)

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

We offer a complete range of inspection services for drill pipe, casing and other tubular goods that are used within the oil and gas industry.

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