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Sandro Vianna

Phone: + 55 21 2126-2142

Todd Cunningham

Country Manager, Survey & Inspection
Phone: +618 6160 1221

Bill Muir

Area Manager UK
Phone: +44 1224 767500
We aim to enhance asset integrity for safe and profitable operations. Our basis in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, South East Asia and Australasia help us to deliver total life-cycle solutions worldwide that focus on improving asset integrity, reducing costs and overcoming operational challenges. Each service is available separately or as part of a custom package.


Our surveys are about the assurance of total systems, procedures and policies, paying attention to the details, but looking at the bigger picture:
  • Rig Condition Assessments (rca)
  • ​​Rig Hardware Assessments (rha)
  • ​​Hull Preservation Surveys (hps)
  • ​​Class Surveys and Uwild
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Our inspections focus on the quality control of individual components and sub-systems:
  • ​​Dropped Object Prevention Schemes (drops)
  • ​​Lifting and Lifted Equipment
  • ​​Rope Access
  • ​​Regulatory and Statutory Surveys
  • ​​Non-Destructive Testing (NTD).
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Project management

For us, project management means taking the load from your shoulders, thereby helping to deliver your promises, on time and within budget:
  • Turnkey Projects
  • ​​Supply Chain
  • ​​Construction
  • ​​Commissioning
  • ​​Rig Delivery and Acceptance
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Related Challenges


A large number of oil and gas assets are coming to the end of their designed life expectancy and need to be decommissioned safely, securely and cost effectively.

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