Archer is involved in large-scale engineering and design project implementation as well as comprehensive project risk management. This expertise is part of our value-added service that customers can leverage for all types of projects, irrespective of size or complexity.

Our risk management process considers all phases of a project lifecycle, from reviews of the tender documentation to final project sign off once all contractual obligations have been met. Throughout the life of the project, all risk aspects such as commercial strategy, financial, contractual, technical, safety, environment, etc. are evaluated with respect to uncertainties or risks for the project and the parties to it. Safety is always our number one priority and as such we undertake frequent risk assessments on all our projects to ensure that a tolerable risk level is established.

Related Challenges


A large number of oil and gas assets are coming to the end of their designed life expectancy and need to be decommissioned safely, securely and cost effectively.

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