Well Integrity

Well integrity is concerned with the safe and reliable containment of all well fluids throughout the life of a well, including after decommissioning.

Managing Well Integrity

Managing well integrity is a global challenge. Statistics collected during the past few years from three independent sources* revealed well integrity failures in 45 percent, 34 percent and 18 percent of wells in the Gulf of Mexico, UK North Sea and the Norwegian North Sea, respectively.

Archer’s Solutions

In line with our mandate to deliver better wells, we have technologies designed to combat this serious challenge, to extend well life, maximize well performance and minimize environmental impact. Our well integrity portfolio addresses three key challenges: annulus integrity, well suspension and integrity diagnostics.

For secure well suspension, our plugs are rapid to set and seal, easy to move and reset. The result: high efficiency and low cost.

Archer’s LOCK™ series of well barrier plugs are retrievable, resettable and V0 rated under ISO 14310, which demands gas tight isolation with zero leakage. No drill pipe is needed below the plug, so installation is easier and faster. Proven in over 2,000 deployments and based on Peak VMB technology, LOCK™ plugs provide an absolute seal for temporary suspension or permanent abandonment, providing operators flexibility, reliability and far greater security.

Archer’s SPARTAN plug is the everyday solution for short or medium term well suspension. The SPARTAN is designed for well suspension periods of days to months, ensuring easy deployment, a secure seal and safe removal on task completion.

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During well construction, Cflex® technology provides a gas tight solution for precision primary or contingency staged cementing. Unprecedented flexibility is offered through multiple open and close valve technology and includes the option to install in one or more casing or liner sections. Certified “gas tight” under ISO 14310 V0, and with a two-stage permanent lock system, Cflex® performs to the highest integrity standards. Installing Cflex™ gives operators flexibility, reliability and far greater confidence in cementing operations.

Revealing the precise location of integrity failures in wells is also one of our foremost specialisations. Powerful integrity diagnostics begin with knowing that a failure has occurred, then finding it efficiently, accurately and completely. Only then can effective decisions and remedial action be taken. Conventional techniques provide clues, but operators need to know that their interventions will produce reliable and unambiguous answers that enable critical decisions to be made with confidence and precision.

The Point® system from Archer satisfies this need. The result of our passion for innovation and integrity technology, the Point system is an industry icon. Deployed proactively and systematically at surface and downhole, it combines conventional and unique measurements with expert assessment and analysis to evaluate barrier performance and expose the precise location of leaks and flowpaths throughout the well system—without pulling the completion string. Underpinning the Point system is our deep understanding of integrity dynamics, built over decades of diagnosing integrity failures globally.

*Minerals Management Service, USA 2004; SPE forum North Sea Well Integrity, 2009; Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority, Well Integrity study, 2006