Unconventional Hydrocarbons

The production of unconventional shale basins is one the most significant developments in the energy industry.

Shale formations can contain large amounts of hydrocarbons trapped in extremely low permeable layers of rock that were once considered inaccessible or uneconomical by conventional methods and technology.

With the advancement of new technology and innovative processes, the industry and the world now have access to large recoverable oil and gas reserves that can be drilled and hydraulically fractured. These unconventional resources give growing industries and economies the natural resources capable of powering us into the future.

Archer specializes in horizontal and vertical wellbore stimulation; utilizing high pressure, high rate hydraulic fracturing services, cased-hole wireline, pressurized fluid pumping, coiled tubing and rig assist snubbing, providing operators improved access to proven resources and therefore increasing their well value.

In addition to these services, we contribute to the extraction of hydrocarbons from shale with our industry leading AWC frac valves. AWC, part of Archer, manufactures and supplies high integrity gate valves for safe and efficient hydraulic fracturing.

Through these specialized services, we maximize production by allowing more efficient access to the wellbore and ensure delivery of highly productive, safe and reliable wells.