A large number of oil and gas assets are coming to the end of their designed life expectancy and need to be decommissioned safely, securely and cost effectively.

Operators and regulators’ wells need to be decommissioned in such a way to ensure zero risk of post-abandonment integrity failures. In addition, a decommissioned well will not generate any returns for the operator, so plug and abandonment operations need to be conducted in the most cost-effective manner, while at the same time ensuring a safe and long-lasting solution. 
We believe that the delivery of safe, efficient and cost-effective abandonment can be achieved through a combination of experience coupled with innovation and technology — this is what sets Archer apart. 

With respect to efficient and cost-effective execution, our “Archer Emerald” and “Archer Topaz” modular rig technology combine state-of-the-art drilling and workover capability in a compact modular package. It can be mobilized to fixed installations to conduct a varied range of operations, including well decommissioning. This approach alleviates the need for the operator to invest in infrastructure upgrades and brings all the advantages of the latest generation drilling and workover equipment.

When it comes to evaluating the integrity status of a well prior to permanent abandonment, our Point diagnostic system offers the industry’s most effective means of locating integrity failures, thereby enabling targeted remedial action prior to final abandonment. The same technology can also be used to validate the success of any remediation prior to permanent abandonment.

To safely close down a well, an effective barrier must be put in place to isolate reservoir fluids. Our LOCK™ series of well barrier plugs are V0 rated under ISO 14310, which demands gas tight isolation with zero leakage. Proven in over 1,000 deployments, and based on Peak VMB technology, the LOCK™ series provides an absolute seal for permanent abandonment without the use of cement.

By combining these technologies with experienced engineering and platform drilling teams, we are able to offer integrated plug and abandonment services to customers giving them the ability to reduce their interfaces with contractors. We already provide customers with a number of service elements including swarf management, cuttings re-injection (CRI), casing pulling services, tubulars and handling equipment and we are committed to continually growing our business and serving as a dedicated provider of all plug and abandonment and decommissioning services.