• Alf Ragnar Løvdal Director

    Mr. Løvdal is Chief Executive Officer of North Atlantic Drilling Limited since January 2013 and has served as Senior Vice President for Seadrill in the Asia Pacific region from April 2009 until December 2012. He was previously Chief Executive officer of Seawell Ltd. Mr. Løvdal has 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, 10 years of which he was responsible for the well services business for the drilling contractor Smedvig, which Seadrill acquired in early 2006. At Smedvig, Mr. Løvdal held several senior positions including general manager of operations for mobile drilling units. Prior to his employment with Smedvig and Seadrill, Mr. Løvdal held various positions in different oil service companies, including five years of offshore field experience with Schlumberger. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Horten Engineering Academy in Norway.

  • John Reynolds Director

    John Reynolds is co-founder and a Managing Director of Lime Rock. He joined Goldman Sachs in 1992 and spent six years in the Investment Research Department where he had senior analyst responsibility for global oil service sector research and was one of the top-rated analysts in the sector. He co-founded Lime Rock in 1998. John is a graduate of Bucknell University (B.A.), where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. 

    Based in Westport, Connecticut, John leads the Lime Rock Partners team’s efforts in the global oilfield service sector. He currently serves on the board of directors of Archer, EnerMech, Revelation Energy, and Shelf Drilling. He previously served on the board of directors of Eastern Drilling, Hercules Offshore, IPEC, Noble Rochford Drilling, Patriot Drilling, Roxar, Sensa, Tercel Oilfield Products, Tesco, Torch Offshore, and VEDCO Holding.

    Mr. Reynolds is a U.S. citizen and resides in the United States.

  • Kate Blankenship Director

    Kate Blankenship has served as a Director since Archer’s incorporation in August 2007.

    Mrs. Blankenship has also served as a director of Seadrill since 2005, Frontline Ltd. since 2004, Ship Finance International Limited since October 2003, Independent Tankers Corporation Limited since February 2008, Golar LNG Limited since July 2003, Golden Ocean Group Limited since November 2004 and North Atlantic Drilling Ltd since 2011.

    Mrs. Blankenship has also served as chief accounting officer and secretary of Frontline Limited between 1994 and 2005, as chief financial officer of Knightsbridge Tankers Limited from April 2000 until September 2007 and was secretary of Knightsbridge Tankers Limited from December 2000 until March 2007.

    Mrs. Blankenship is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

    Ms. Blankenship is a British citizen and resides in France.

  • Giovanni Dell’ Orto Director

    Giovanni Dell’ Orto was appointed as a Director in February 2011.

    Mr. Dell’ Orto was president and chief executive officer of DLS Drilling, Logistics and Services from 1994 to August 2006; since then he remains member of the board of DLS. He is a member of the board of Energy Developments and Investments Corporation (EDIC), a company with substantial investments in the oil and gas activities in South America.  He is a nonexecutive member of the board of directors of Gas Plus, an Italian company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Mr. Dell’ Orto has also served as chairman and chief executive officer of Saipem and was a board member of Agip and Snam.

    Mr. Dell’ Orto is an Argentinean citizen and resides in Switzerland.

  • Dag Skindlo Director

    Dag Skindlo has served as a Director since April 2016, in addition to being the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Strategy.

    Please see the “Executive Team” section for further details regarding Mr. Skindlo.