Archer difference is rooted in our specialization, experience, craftsmanship, innovation and the solutions we provide.


Archer specializes in delivering better wells. A better well not only lasts longer, it performs to its maximum capabilities with less intervention during its life. We are concerned with how the well is delivered, with safety, the environment, efficiency and cost-effectiveness being top priorities. Archer believes this specialization underpins a competitive advantage from which our customers benefit continuously.


Archer’s founding companies have been delivering and servicing wells for more than 40 years. We drilled our first offshore well in the demanding fields of the North Sea in 1977 and have been operating land rigs in South America since 1965. Our drilling and workover teams now secure the production on more than 45 platforms across four continents and operate over 81 mobile land rigs in South America. Our well services crews and facilities engineers have decades of experience in pioneering projects. Today, more than 5,000 well craftsmen are applying this hard-won experience to the benefit of our customers globally.


Archer’s 5,000 skilled and down-to-earth craftsmen are at the heart of our difference. We take pride in our work and do what we promise. We are proud of the skill and precision evident in all of our work and proud of our reputation for being fast and proactive and getting the job done right the first time.


Being craftsmen means combining our experience and skill with innovation in every aspect of our work. We are constantly searching for new ways to deliver better wells as well as seeking out new partnerships to help us rise to meet customer and industry challenges. This starts with developing and selecting the right tools to solve customer challenges, whether it’s our groundbreaking Point system and Modular rig, or the best conventional tools such as drill collars and bits. Our innovation extends to how we deliver services, such as cross-training crews for North Sea platforms, to how we work with customers, in more flexible and straightforward ways. We continually seek to add capabilities to the Archer offering that allow us to deliver even better wells for our customers.


At Archer, our goal is to provide the most straightforward solutions to our customers’ challenges. This starts with listening intently to our customers, making sure we understand exactly their challenges and goals before proceeding. In all our work, we strive to be flexible and easy to do business with, without the bureaucracy. We provide solutions that are fit-for-purpose and effective, not one-size-fits-all. We know that our long-term success depends on our customers continually improving their efficiency and achieving the highest possible returns on every project.